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Our Tea accessory collection comes from some of the most notable and admired companies in the industry, such as For Life Design, Takeya, Timolino and more.

They are all BPA free, most microwavable and dishwasher safe.

We have a large selection of tea pots, tea cups, Iced and hot tea Makers as well.

Shop our online for tea makers, steepers and infusers that enhance the process of preparing loose-leaf tea to make it simple, fun and easy.

Our elegant glassware enables you to not only get the full aroma of the tea but the amazing colors and beauty of the leaves as well.It’s borosilicate glass that won’t shatter or crack not even when steeping tea at 212 degrees, nor will it cloud after prolonged use in the dishwasher.

Ceramic teapots and cups with their simple designs are easy to clean and are simple to use. These Ceramic tea pots and cups brew as well as the most expensive claypots.

Our Matcha accessories are inspired by the typical accessories used in chanoyu, “traditional Japanese tea ceremony”. Place Matcha and hot water in the Matcha bowl, then whisk briskly following a “W or M” pattern until you have reached a light fourthly beautiful green color an enjoy.

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