What Options Do I Have Besides Teavana?

Starbucks announced that they are closing the majority if not all of their 300 plus Teavana stores over the next year, which leaves everyone scrambling to find an alternative. Most people are surprised by this bold move, but it all comes down to revenue, and keeping Teavana stores open has caused Starbucks to lose large sums of money annually.


While this may leave the loyal Teavana consumer feeling lost and unhappy, this, unfortunately, won’t change the minds of the decision makers over at Starbucks.


Luckily, we have some alternatives that should help fill the void that closing your favorite tea store has created.


Bagged Tea

Bigelow is a big name in the bagged tea world, and it should be since it has been around since 1945. One of the biggest benefits of using Bigelow over Teavana is that you will always be able to find it. They are found in almost every major grocery store chain across the nation. This is because they consistently deliver a quality product!


The best part about that is they have several teas that are very similar to some of your favorites by Teavana.


Bigelow has their Cinnamon Stick Black Tea which comes pretty close to the Teavana cinnamon tea options. Another tea that almost fits the bill is the Pumpkin Spice Tea which is quite similar to Teavana’s pumpkin spice choices.


The only problem with going with Bigelow is that, although much easier to find, bagged teas are always lower in quality than loose teas. But we’ll get to that later in the article.


Bottled Tea


Honest Tea specializes in the ready to drink teas that make life a little easier. If you’re heading out the door and don’t have time to make a tea, grabbing a bottle of Organic Peach Tea is a great option to replace the Teavana Shaken Iced Peach Tea that will soon be leaving Starbucks.


The other benefit is that you won’t have to wait in any long lines to get your tea needs fulfilled!


The downside to going this route is that you need to keep your eye out for added sugar. Many bottled tea brands use a lot of added sugar (upwards of 25 grams per bottle!)


If you can’t find a brand that doesn’t add large sums of sugar, you are much better off making your own peach tea at home and adding real peaches in for more sweetness. Doing this the night before or in large batches means that you can take it on the go with you, just like the bottled versions!


Loose Tea

While there are several companies that provide loose tea (Twinings, for example, has both bagged and loose tea) it is important to find the highest quality tea possible when finding a loose tea provider. One reason is that the higher the quality, the longer the tea will last.


Another reason that loose leaf tea is superior, at least when it is high quality, is that when you’re looking for the benefits of herbal teas, you will get a bigger benefit when it is in loose leaf form. This is because bagged tea is usually the “dust and fannings” from broken leaves. The intact leaves are used for loose tea and have all of the essential oils, aromas, and health benefits.


So, with the example of Twinings in mind, their loose tea is their premium product, and the bagged tea is the basic product (or leftovers.) Finding a company that specializes in loose tea means that they will carry only the finest quality of tea in their inventory.


Zama Tea

The biggest let down for the Teavana lovers of the world is that you can’t go into the store and smell or see the teas like you can in a proper tea shop. Buying a tea without being able to handle it first is much like buying a car without test driving it. Without having a chance to try it first, you could be setting yourself up for a big disappointment.


Luckily, Zama Tea is located at 434 El Camino Real in Tustin. This means you can go in and handle, see, and smell the tea before purchasing it. You can also talk to the staff and the owner, who is in almost every day, and ask any questions about the teas offered.


Zama also makes some teas that Teavana would never dare to try because we can obtain the purest herbs for our teas. Our Good Night tea helps put you to sleep, the Tummy Tamer  puts your stomach distress at ease, and the Organic Cramp Relief aids in relieving painful cramping. This would not be possible if it weren’t for our dedication to getting our herbs directly from the source when they are as fresh as possible.


If you like Kombucha, you can try the flavors of the day straight from the tap (yes, like beer!) or even get a kit to make your own. Kombucha fermented with high-quality tea is much better than what you can find bottled in the stores, and the owner does workshops to help you make your Kombucha the absolute best it can be.  We have nearly 110 flavors of Kombucha.  10 on tap at a time.


You can always call us at (714) 884-3449 if you can’t come in but have a pressing question for us, we love to hear from anyone enthusiastic about good tea. So, don’t be sad! Teavana may be gone, but the world is full of other options for amazing tea!

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