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123Making Tea perfect is super easy with our selection of Tea Makers, from simple Iced Tea Pitchers to beautiful Tea sets....
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Tea Accessories

Go to Tea Accessories ACCESSORIES WILL BE RETURNING SOON Our Tea accessory collection comes from some of the most notable and admired companies in the industry, such as For Life Design, Takeya, Timolino and more. They are all BPA free, most microwavable and dishwasher safe. We have a large selection...
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Passport Club

MONTHLY PASSPORT CLUB package consists of a deliciously paired selection of Zama Tea’s most popular choices....
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Tea Selections

Take an around the world tour with our selection of high quality loose leaf teas....
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Wellness Blends

Go to Wellness Blends Our Wellness Blends are handcrafted with the highest quality organic herbs. Custom blends available. Please email for requests. Disclaimer: Zama Tea does not diagnosis, treat or claim to prevent disease. Drinking tea along with a balanced diet and exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle...
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