You Can Practice Self-care during Coronavirus Quarantine, Starting Right Now

Seven things you can start right now to preserve some sense of normalcy and keep yourself healthy during the Coronavirus Quarantine. Maintaining your normal routine around the house is a great place to start. Make your bed, take a shower, do your hair and makeup, just like you would on an ordinary day. And for you guys shave, if that’s what you normally do. Good mental health absolutely promotes good physical health. Don’t smoke (it can exacerbate COVID-19 symptoms and increase your risk of getting seriously ill, don’t drink very much alcohol, spend time outside whenever possible even if it’s reading a book in your backyard and DON’T WATCH TOO MUCH NEWS. I’m listening to my favorite 70’s station as we speak and singing. I don’t have a pet right now so I am working on fostering during this time. Having a pet that you can nurture and take care of not only helps them understand why you are always home, but it good for your soul. Feeding your soul I would say is more important than feeding your body. At least for me, it wouldn’t hurt if I lost a few pounds while being quarantined. Could be a positive side effect.
So 7 things to start today include:
1. Eat Healthy to boost your immune system including tons of probiotics like kombucha.
2. Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day with or without your kids. They need to release energy for sure so do it together. Dance, yoga or walk up and down the stairs? Spring cleaning?
3. Start new family Traditions. Friday game night, Saturday morning making breakfast together. Sunday Prayer day even though we can’t go to church, read your bible or talk about ways of acting kind during this chaotic time.
4. People working for home need to take breaks, get some fresh hair, talk to someone and remember not to sit in the same position.
5. Stay off of the phone and social media as much as possible. If you have family at home, rekindle relationship and build some strong connections that we tend to loose to TV, games, phone texting.
6. Talk to your kids. Help them to deal with stress. Remember how you are handling it is going to effect the little ones. Keep calm and help them to keep calm and make sure you answer their questions as honestly as you can. Reassure them.
7. Plant your spring garden. Many garden shops deliver. Make it a family things.

Remember it’s normal to be anxious and maybe even worry. This is something the entire world is experiencing together. Share your thoughts with trusted friends and family who you know will help keep things in prospective. It’s super important to take a few minutes to breathe and put life on pause. You need to relax yourself and your nervous system. Our nervous systems can’t help but be on high alert right now and this truly is a mental game. There are tons of You Tube channels that teach you breathing and relaxation techniques. Practice meditation along with your prayers and even self-hypnosis. Remember keep those little ones in mind as well. They could use a real life lesson on how to relax, breathe and be mentally well. Remember they are taking all of their cues from you. These next few weeks are huge teaching moments.

I hear so many moms complaining about having the kids home all day because they are driving them crazy, but I would love to have my kids little again and take advantage of their hugs and smiles and innocent silly thoughts. I even miss them as teenagers, you know those ones with opinions that really test your patience?

There are a ton of things to do to stay active, healthy most physically and mentally. Remember to practice Social Distancing but not social isolation.

Let me know your thoughts. I am always open to new ideas on how to keep busy in this chaos.

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