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Not Just Living but Thriving after 50 with Tea

The Secret to Thriving After 50: Tea Studies have shown that the baby boomer generation is living longer. But what’s their secret? Tea! Yep, that’s right. Baby boomers are drinking more tea than ever before. While studies are being done all the time connecting tea and health (see https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4055352/), it’s...
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Kombucha Or Jun?

Kombucha is a very popular topic in the beverage industry these days. While very well-liked, it is also quite controversial. The main reason for this is the many claims of health benefits, arguments over the best ingredients to use, and especially whether “raw” or pasteurized versions are better for you....
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3 Reasons To Use CBD Oil

You may have been hearing about CBD Oil lately, whether it be a news story or a friend who takes it for pain. Whatever the case may be, it has gained notoriety as of late for a good reason, it works! The thing to remember is that not everyone needs...
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What Options Do I Have Besides Teavana?

Starbucks announced that they are closing the majority if not all of their 300 plus Teavana stores over the next year, which leaves everyone scrambling to find an alternative. Most people are surprised by this bold move, but it all comes down to revenue, and keeping Teavana stores open has...
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