4 Herbal Ingredients You Should Try

There are so many homeopathic remedies that it is becoming hard to get the correct information, but there are some herbal ingredients that are worth considering. We have compiled a list of some of our favorite ingredients that may help your health in a number of ways. Try them in one of our already house blended options or singularly off of our Herb Shelf where we have over 65 organic herbs to choose from.


Valerian Root

Valerian Root is one of our herbal ingredients with a long standing history. It has been used a sleep aid for everyone from those that just want a calming effect to those with clinical insomnia. Even though it works as a sedative, it doesn’t give you the terrible grogginess the next morning that a pharmaceutical sedative will.


Here is a case study that shows the effectiveness of Valerian Root on sleep. Valerian Root also has been said to have a healing effect on headaches and gastric distress, including those with irritable bowel syndrome.


You can give our Good Night blend a try the next time you’re having trouble sleeping.


Lemon Balm

Speaking of indigestion, if you are having a problem with your stomach, then lemon balm is one of the herbal ingredients you should take an interest in. Lemon balm has been shown to ease the pain and discomfort that comes along with indigestion.


Lemon Balm also has been shown to aid in calming anxiety, stress, and nervousness. There have been several studies done to better understand the wide reaching effects of Lemon Balm.


You can find Lemon Balm in our Organic Tummy Tamer blend if you would like to something to help your stomach.



Spearmint is one of those herbal ingredients that people claim can do almost anything. While we aren’t going to make that claim, we do believe it has enough proof to show that it is great for nausea and cramping. That’s why we decided it was a perfect fit for our Organic Cramp Relief blend.


Some others claim that Spearmint can boost the immune system, hormonal imbalances including aiding in hirsutism by lowering the level of androgens in women. It has also been said to improve memory, improve colicky babies, and help anti-fungal activities.


Rose Hips

Rose hips are very popular with the rheumatoid arthritis sufferers of the world. However, we believe that its effect on lowering cholesterol so much that we included it as one of our important ingredients in our Organic Healthy Heart blend.


Rose hips have several other benefits, including topical uses. This is why the makeup community has started including it in many of their products. It has also had a long history of being used on scars and burns to help dull them. It has been documented and studied extensively over the years.


Other benefits may include antioxidative effects in the body, it aids in boosting your Vitamin C levels, diabetics say that it aids in maintaining their sugar levels, and immune system support.


Stop By!

While some of the claims made about different ingredients may or not be true, we suggest researching it on your own both online and by trying them yourself. This should only be done if cleared by your doctor, especially if you are taking any medications because some herbs have been shown to interact with them.


This means they can sometimes make them either inactive or boost the potency up to 10 times! That is not a risk worth taking, always check with your pharmacist or physician to discuss herb and drug interaction before trying a certain blend.


We here at Zama Tea love herbs and have personally benefitted from their holistic properties. If you have any questions about our blends or our teas, give us a call at (714) 884-3449. Better yet, come by our shop at the historic Jabberwocky building located at 434 El Camino Real in Tustin and we can talk in person about all of our herbal ingredients and their potential benefits in your life!

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